Auterra Inc. is a process development and licensing company, specializing in catalyst and process technology for the upgrading of crude oil and oil distillates. Auterra's family of patented process technologies provide cost-effective solutions for challenging times. Embracing elegant chemistry with an emphasis on low capital and operating costs, Auterra has developed unique solutions for the worlds increasingly heavy and sour feedstocks. Solutions have been developed for lighter hydrocarbon challenges as well.
Heavy, Sour Upgrading Sulfur & Nitrogen Polishing Naphthenic Acid Reduction
More and more crudes are being discounted by high sulfur levels, high viscosity, high nitrogen levels and high acidity. FlexUP™ can improve the overall quality of your crude oil cost effectively and improve your operating margins.


Many lighter streams contain sulfur levels that are marginally out of spec compared to valuable benchmarks. FlexULS provides a cost effective sulfur and nitrogen removal process that improves your assay quality. Petrochemical manufacturers, pipeline operators with transmix issues and hydrogen constrained refiners can use FlexULS to efficiently upgrade qualities of low value feeds.


Naphthenic acid (NA) creates problems for pipeline operators and refiners and consequently receives discounts to benchmarks. TANFree is a process that removes NA using a simple and cost effective process. Low capital and operating costs ensure that eliminating modest discounts still provides an attractive return on investment.