The Auterra Story

Auterra Inc. is a catalyst and process technology company focused on commercializing these processes to meet today's energy needs. Our team of research scientists, chemical engineers and process technologists are optimizing performance for several innovative process technologies that upgrade the value of crude and distillate oils. Auterra's FlexUp technology is a low-cost, low-energy desulfurization and upgrading process designed for treatment of heavy, sour crude oils such as the oil sand reserves in Canada and Venezuela. FlexUp applications include use in downstream operations where traditional hydrogen-based solutions are energy intense and inefficient.

Auterra has partnered with investors and strategic partners to develop its technology. Auterra's first strategic partner, a Calgary-based oil sands producer, is expected to be the first beneficiary of an end-to-end process that uses air and water to effectively upgrade sulfur-rich hydrocarbon streams, regardless of their viscosity. FlexUp creates value, decreases transportation costs, and expands market opportunities for bitumen and other heavy, sour crude oils.

Auterra was founded in 2003 as Applied NanoWorks, with a focus on developing high value specialty inorganic compounds. With dozens of discoveries ranging from the molecular to the nano-scale in its early years, Auterra focused its efforts on developing and patenting a unique platform for creating inorganic-organic molecules. This process, named the Molecular Control Process (MCP) Platform, launched the discovery of hundreds of hybrid molecules with varying structures and applications. The discovery of a world class oxidation catalyst and its role in removing heteroatoms (sulfur, nitrogen and metals) from crude oil further focused Auterra's efforts to design and develop a full scale, environmentally friendly process for the oil industry. The FlexUp™ Technology includes the FlexOx™ family of catalysts, the FlexDS™ chemical package, and FlexUP™ Support Services. Today, Auterra has a robust global patent portfolio protecting its technology.

Auterra has also developed several processes that improve the value of other feedstocks by removing sulfur in light feeds (FlexULS).

A non-traditional clean energy company, Auterra is located in Schenectady, New York.